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  • test of all our sliding gear

  • ascent of the trail by trailer snowmobile

  • possible from 6 years old

Are you looking for new sliding sensations and lots of fun? Our sliding stadium is made for you! A track specially dedicated to you where you are welcome to test our unusual machines:

Airboard (float where you go down lying head first, equipped with helmets)

– Paret (ancestral wooden sled with a handle that acts as a steering wheel)

Monoglisse (derived from the paret, speed and direction provided by the feet)

Snake slides (small sleds articulated between them which allow you to descend the track like a snake, from 2 to 15 people at the same time!).

Our snowmobile equipped with a trailer is at your disposal to take you up to the top of the track (as well as the equipment). A moment of fun and sharing not to be missed for a successful holiday!

CP SAS hiv 2020 (2).jpg


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