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Go for a 1 hour hike on the handlebars of your snowmobile.

You will be accompanied by our professional snowmobile guides.

Alone or accompanied by a passenger, enjoy a 23 km ride at night on the snow-capped peaks of Courchevel, a privileged moment between you and the mountain... For one hour, you will be immersed in a magnificent world with "point stops of view", passages in forests and long straight lines. Savor this moment fully, it's not every day that you find yourself at an altitude of 2300 meters under the starry sky of Courchevel!

1 hour snowmobile ride

1 to 2 people per snowmobile

Supervised by professional snowmobile guides, you will be able to change drivers during the ride.

Price: €180 per snowmobile

(1 hour of hiking, 1 to 2 people per snowmobile)

2 years driving license minimum for drivers. Passenger from 8 years old.

Possibility to change driver during the ride.

Helmets with visors provided.

Plan: ski outfit with après-ski boots (waterproof) and think about your gloves.


Duration: 1 hour of hiking, allow 1h30 in total (briefing, delivery of helmets, etc.).


Visit our adventure site above the Courchevel altiport.

A rental contract will be signed before departure with a credit card imprint in case of damage to the snowmobile.




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